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Sunday, January 25, 2015

I Love Wooden Floors

Posted by girlie on June 5, 2013

I’ve always been fascinated with wooden floors. I remember telling myself that whenever I have my own house I will make it a point to have wooden floors. I grew up with it so probably that is the reason why I want it so much too plus the fact that there’s a certain look to it, an old feel which I like very much. As much as possible I would want to use narra but at this point it’s just impossible. I found an alternative though which is the High Country Plus. It gives the same look and feel. When we renovate the house in the future, I will try and discuss with the husband to change the tiles of our house to probably laminates or something, or anything to give us that certain antique look and feel. If he doesn’t want it, then I can bargain to have my nook changed. You see I have a special room where I do my all of my stuff. At the moment I have tiles on it, looks wooden too but then again not too wooden compared to laminates or hardwood. Oh darn, why did I not even think of hardwood. Yeah that’s it, hardwood. That’s what we had in my parents’ house and it looks amazing up until now.

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