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Sunday, April 20, 2014

It’s Haunting Me

Posted by girlie on March 22, 2014

I was at the mall yesterday and I was really itching to buy this ring I found at a local jewellery shop. It actually looks like these gemstone rings from Now tell me, it’s hard walking away from that shop without it, right? Now it’s haunting me. I gotta go back to that shop and really purchase it. I hate the feeling that it’s gonna haunt me even in my sleep. Haha, what a perfect excuse!

The Pact

Posted by girlie on

 photo twg_zpsf5cebbf6.jpg So we had afternoon tea at TWG one fine afternoon. We (me and my daughter) made a pact that we are going to do it at least once a month even when I’m old (coiffed and dressed) and grey. Isn’t it wonderful that I have a daughter who still thinks of having bonding moments with me even when she has a family of her own already (well this is the assumption part – having a family)? I love my daughter to bits. She is my “bestest” friend. I know that she’s gonna love me even when I’m “unlovable”.

Another Summer Activity

Posted by girlie on March 11, 2014

Summer vacation is fast approaching. There are actually schools that are on vacation already. I know a lot of Moms who are planning to enrol their kids to different summer activities. I myself would actually do that if my kids were younger. I think we’re past that age already. Gee I sound so old. Anyway if you want your kids to learn how to play drums, you can buy premier drums from guitar center. It’s nice if you have it home so anytime they can practice. My cousin has one and it’s amazing how her kids would play to their hearts’ desire.

I’m Now Using a Moisturiser

Posted by girlie on

 photo aveeno_zps73deb7a9.png I am truly happy that this product was introduced to me by my SIL. I was actually asking her to buy me another brand of moisturiser. Thank God she told me about this and it saved me some moolah. The other moisturiser that I was planning to use is quite pricey but it got very good reviews. If the aveeno didn’t work, I might have ended up buying that pricey one.

Salute to Technology

Posted by girlie on February 27, 2014

What can I say with technology nowadays? It’s superb! I couldn’t imagine these things happening some 30 years back. Can I just say it’s unimaginable? I don’t know if I’m happy or not but I guess I am more on the happy side. Things become a lot easier. Sometimes in just one click it could be totally different. I think the same goes with the music industry. With the current technology that we have we can make it sound complicated because we have different gadgets to do it. Take for example this araura lynx from musicians friend. Do you wonder what it does? I can imagine the different sounds it can give. It can turn a simple melody to great music what with the compensation it offers. It can make music almost perfect, almost complete.

Panagbenga 2014

Posted by girlie on

 photo panag142_zps9e496041.jpg That is the best costume for me for this year’s Panagbenga. This is actually my 4th time attending the festival and it never ceases to amaze me each time. Yes we have reserved a room at the hotel for next year’s Panagbenga since they would be celebrating their 20th year. I know it’s gonna be big this time and we are already excited. I will be lining the street at 5 am I promise so I will be at the front line and have a good view of each and every float. As usual we will still be at the assembly point for the street dancing because the husband likes it there. He says he can do more beautiful photos.

Joining the Church Music Ministry

Posted by girlie on

I’m so glad that one of my daughter’s friends is now a part of our church music ministry. I actually read it in one of his tweets. Sad though that he isn’t playing in the main church where we go to but it’s ok. I am still happy because He gets to serve our God. I have not actually asked him what instrument he is playing but based on the photos I see, I think it the bass guitar. I am not really sure of this though. Anyway if one of you guys need to buy modulus bass guitar, I kinda know of a website where it’s being sold at an affordable price I guess. I read it in the reviews section so I guess it’s legitimately cheaper compared to other online stores. Go check it to find out.

Bonding in Traffic

Posted by girlie on February 3, 2014

I love it when the kids are with me in the car. We do all sorts of fun things one of which is singing along to the tune on the radio. I would normally be the singer especially if it’s included in the genre that I am very familiar of. The kids would then make all sorts of beat. My son is especially good with it so I am thinking of introducing him to this affordable ni maschine mikro at guitar center. I think it would be a great idea to learn new things for him since I know that he will be good at it. I hope I can convince him though to try new things because at the moment he is still at his gaming mode.

My Full Page Zentangle

Posted by girlie on

 photo zen1_zps337dc1ab.jpeg Lookie! I did my very first full page zentangle and I am sooooo happy about the outcome! It is truly relaxing especially when it’s all done. I’m basically new to it so idea doesn’t flow as naturally. I had to think hard on what to draw so it was a bit stressful. But I know once I get the hang of it, everything will just flow smoothly and I will be able to come up with better ones, the ones worth sitting on a frame.

Clueless No More

Posted by girlie on

Whenever I hear something that I am clueless about, it’s either I ask the person directly or just google it myself since I have data on my mobile phone. That’s just how I am, I want to learn new things all the time. I also want to know what people are talking about, that’s added knowledge to me. Anyway, I was redirected to some sight by mistake and found this thread which I don’t know what they were talking about. They were talking about their akai mpk 61 purchase. Akai sounds familiar though, but the rest I was just clueless about. Now I know what it is and I wouldn’t be clueless the next I hear about it.

Learning Zentagle

Posted by girlie on February 1, 2014

 photo zen_zpscd524138.jpg I found a new hobby. Thanks to my friend Krisa. She introduced me to Zentangle. This is what I do in my spare time, no not just on my spare time but whenever I feel like doing it. I hope to be able to come up with a nice piece of art from all the patterns that I have been learning to do and I am quite excited already. Like what they say all the time, it does not really have to be perfect. Truth be told I can’t even draw a perfect straight line, nor a perfect circle, nor a perfect square or all shapes for that matter.

My Kids and Music

Posted by girlie on January 26, 2014

I wonder if my children will ever go back to music, well at least learn an instrument or two. My parents let me study piano so up til now I still know how to play. I may lack practice to work my way on the keyboard but at least I know how to read notes. I wanted my children to go into it so I gave them the liberty to choose. One chose to learn guitar and the other violin. None of them got really serious with it. I don’t know if they were preoccupied with school stuff or they just don’t have the interest to learn. Next time I won’t buy them new ones but will consider buying them used ones like these good used Electric Guitars at musicians friend. I saw them online and I think their prices are affordable. I just hope that I find it’s counterpart here at the place where we are staying coz right now they don’t really ship here.

My First Snow Experience

Posted by girlie on December 24, 2013

 photo firstsnow_zps24168683.jpg Pretty, right? That was my first snow experience. We went to the mall that day thinking that it will snow later in the afternoon. Well that was the forecast. But when we went down, flurries started to fall and it was only 11 am. Since we were already in the parking, we decided to still give it a shot. I needed to buy some last minute items, but honestly that could wait. We were not really worried because we thought it was just snow and not a snowstorm. Lo and behold when we went out of the mall, that picture was what greeted us. It was fun since it was my first time, but for my sister who was driving it wasn’t. It’s hard to drive in the snow especially if the place wasn’t prepared for it. The city didn’t brine it with salt thus it accumulated way fast. The prediction of about 1-2 inches accumulation became 8 inches. Can you believe that? My sister was just glad that I was with her in the car otherwise she wouldn’t know what to do.

Too Lazy To Move

Posted by girlie on

It’s the 24th already and I am not done with my list yet. I don’t have any other choice but give out some presents probably after Christmas already. I know I didn’t really pay much attention to it since I just wanted to rest. Not that I was tired or anything, it’s just that I guess I was a bit depressed when I got here. I wanted to extend my vacation in the US, but that is really out of the question. Anyway, for those ones who still lack gifts to give out, you might consider giving Squier Bullet Stratocasters. I found it online while surfing the net and I think it’s cool. I would love to send this as a present if I only knew someone who is into it.

A Reed Case for You

Posted by girlie on

Still running out of idea for a christmas present? If you have a friend or a loved one who is into music, this alto sax reed case would make a lovely gift. I know this will be greatly appreciated. We all love to preserve whatever we own so as much as possible we try our best to keep it clean and all. I hope I was able to help one way or another in suggesting a good present. Well your suggestions are also welcome.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Posted by girlie on

 photo christmas_zpsbba85d04.jpg I just would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I was fortunate enough to experience snow, thus the photo. Pardon me but I am really very happy and excited that I can’t get enough of it. It’s in my bucket list you know and not everyone can get to experience it. I am one lucky girl!

Getting Into Music

Posted by girlie on December 4, 2013

When I get home I really should be asking my daughter’s friend to familiarize me with different gadgets when it comes to music and all. I want to be able to identify every sound I hear. Crazy I know but what can I do? I’m not really into it but since information is readily available then why not, right? Anyway, I want to show him this scratch live at musicians friend. Hopefully he is familiar with it so he can explain to me how this stuff works. Added knowledge no matter what it is is always welcome.

The Trumpet that I always See

Posted by girlie on

Since I am away from home, I just use my iPhone or iPad most of the time when I need to search for something on the net. I need to work too and it’s just impossible to do it in my tablet. It’s a good thing my nephew lent me his laptop while he is with his Dad. Anyway, this nephew of mine is into music. I think he wants to be a musician someday. He is part of the school’s orchestra and I wonder if he is familiar with this cool bach trumpet I always come across with in the internet. I hope I don’t forget to ask him when I see him this Friday. I just want to know what this big hype is all about.

The Phantom of the Opera

Posted by girlie on

 photo phantom_zpsedbf98a1.jpgI promised myself that if ever I visit New York again, I will not miss watching Phantom of the Opera. So when my friend Guigi asked me what I wanted to do when I visit her, I immediately told her I wanna watch some broadway shows. Watch it is! On the night I arrived New York, we watched Phantom! It was a wonderful experience indeed. Thank you Guigi for taking care of me while in New York. More of our adventures in my upcoming posts. I don’t wanna bore you guys.

Looking for Family Christmas Ornaments?

Posted by girlie on November 28, 2013

Before I left for the US, I made sure that my Christmas tree is up. It didn’t take much this time and I was surprised too that I was able to finish the tree in a day. It usually takes me 2-3 days to finish it. It’s probably the pressure that made me do it fast since I was already leaving. Anyway since I am talking about my Christmas tree, I’d like you guys to take a look at these family christmas ornaments here. Don’t you think it’s cool? It’s a nice idea, right? I might include some in my tree next year since I can’t bring them home with me. I don’t want to pay for excess luggage. Will just put it in the box that I will ship before I leave.

Shopping for Christmas Presents

Posted by girlie on

So far I’ve had a wonderful stay here in the US. I’ve gone to some outlets already and shopping is just great. I didn’t buy a lot especially clothes though because of the season. I can’t wear it back home. I’ve invested on some bags but that’s about it. I do check online once in a while too since free shipping is offered. I want to take advantage of it. I saw these Carrera watches at and I am thinking of getting one to bring back home. I have someone in mind whom I can give it to and I’m sure he would be happy to receive it this Christmas.

I’m in Philly!

Posted by girlie on

The long wait is over. I am now with my two sisters in Philadelphia. This has been a dream of mine to visit them again. Last was in 2005 with my kids and I never imagined that I could do it again. The plane ride was smooth except that it took forever. Twenty two hours is no joke plus the fact that my seatmate was a very old man who kept on sleeping. Next time I should pick a seat next to the aisle so I can stand up and walk for a bit when I get tired from sitting. I have so much stories to tell already but I won’t bore you guys with a very long entry. I think I have to document it one by one. So for now this is it!

I Want to Make my Own Beat

Posted by girlie on November 2, 2013

I can have a new hobby when I come back. It’s kinda refreshing and cool. I don’t know though if I can go about it. By the looks of it, I think it’s pretty easy to learn. It’s just a matter of tapping and finding the right beat. Now I think you know what I am talking about. It the mpd26. I came across it when I was watching some video about creating fun music. Then I got interested. It made me think that I can make my own arrangement someday, or I can probably learn how to adjust when it comes to the beat of a tune. What do you think? Will it be a good hobby?

Meet Punky!

Posted by girlie on November 1, 2013

 photo punky_zpse5eafab5.png Meet Punky! He is our new baby. He’s been with us for a little over two months now. My daughter Ish requested if she can have a Yorkie on her birthday. So Punky it is. It’s fun having a toy dog at home, cuddle cuddle here and there which he loves a lot. When he hears the car honk, he automatically goes by the door to greet all of us. Such a cutie but can sometimes turn into some cray cray little monster.

Top Ten Features for Upscale Homes

Posted by girlie on

Giving buyers what they want and providing them with choices in their local marketplace are key to success in the real estate industry.

Stephen Finfer has enjoyed significant success in the Los Angeles housing market by identifying the needs of discriminating buyers and supplying those needs with custom-designed properties. Monitoring current market research and incorporating those findings into building plans has helped Finfer create unique living spaces for his elite clientele.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has announced its 2013 list of Top Ten Features for Upscale Homes. It is a safe bet that at least some of these features will be incorporated in Stephen Finfer’s next round of renovations and building projects.

Game Rooms

Designed to provide a relaxing space for families, game rooms came in at number 10 on the list of most wanted features in the upscale housing marketplace. Approximately 59 percent of all buyers indicated that they considered game rooms to be essential or desirable in a prospective residence.

Proximity to a Golf Course

Golf course living is appealing to many upscale buyers. This feature weighs in at number nine in the NAHB study. However, nearly half of buyers who planned to pay $500,000 or more for their new home indicated that they did not want to live in a golf-course community.

Exercise Rooms

Almost half of all upper-income home buyers want a dedicated space for exercise complete with free weights, exercise equipment and treadmills.

Wet Bar

A fully plumbed and functional wet bar is a must-have for many L.A. residents. In fact, 42 percent of high income buyers rated it as essential or highly desirable. These installations make entertaining easier and provide added convenience in the family room or kitchen areas.


For homes with two or more stories, roughly 28 percent of prospective home buyers in the upper income brackets indicated that an elevator was essential or desirable and would have a significant impact on their buying or leasing decision. Age and mobility may be a factor in the desirability of this feature.

Two-Story or Vaulted Entry

Almost 40 percent of wealthier home buyers list this impressive feature as a must-have or as a desirable addition to prospective residences. Interestingly, almost half of lower-income buyers list this feature as one they do not want in their future home.

Outdoor Cooking Areas

An outdoor kitchen ranks fourth on the list of desirable features for elite home buyers in the L.A. marketplace. More than just a barbecue grill, these fully equipped cooking areas incorporate refrigerator space, plumbing for a sink and countertop areas to make cooking outside as simple as cooking indoors.

Wine Coolers

A relatively modern innovation in the kitchen, wine cooler appliances provide space for chilling bottles. This is a popular added convenience in the upscale home. The NAHB study indicates that 46 percent of upper-income buyers consider these appliances an essential or desirable feature in the housing marketplace.

Two-Story Family Rooms

Family rooms are designed to provide a warm and relaxed environment for residents of the property. Two-story family-room designs are ranked number two on the NAHB list of desirable features and are a must-have for many high income bracket buyers.

Warming Drawers

Designed to keep hot foods warm after cooking, warming drawer appliances were ranked first on the list and were considered essential or desirable by 56 percent of all buyers. Only 14 percent of higher income buyers indicated that they did not want this feature, making it the most popular choice in the 2013 survey.

Stephen Finfer and other real estate developers likely will be bringing many of these advanced home features to buyers and renters in L.A. By tracking consumer research in the Los Angeles housing market, these real estate professionals can create the right development strategies to suit the ever-changing face of the modern housing marketplace.

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